THE REAL TRUTH OF THE BELL WITCH LEGEND     The Bell Witch has been described as the scariest and the most documented phenomenon in history.  Books have been written about it.  Movies have been made about it.  President Andrew Jackson has been reported to have cowered when challenging the witch.  The Bell Witch has inspired annual festivals and stage plays in Middle Tennessee.  BUT what is fact and what is fiction? Most people would be surprised.  Answering that question became the challenge of this website.

     This website originated in 2002 to log our search for the Bell Witch.  Since then we have met several serious researchers on the same quest as we.  Some were examining this legend in great detail seeking the truth, while most were looking for ways to commercialize and cash in on an audience a hundred years in the making.  The internet  has hundreds of Bell Witch pages.  Unfortunately, over the past fifteen years most of the websites that focused on actual history have disappea…


Interested in early Tennessee history as it applies to the Bell Witch legend?

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3) The Illusive Avery Trace
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