Ingram's book, Goodspeed's note in his history of Robertson County, and the Tennessee road sign in Adams claim widespread attention, but no researcher has found any written accounts outside the reach of Ingram. The remarkable absence of independent corroboration of these events as they are described by M.V. Ingram is almost justification in itself that his work was likely a fabrication. 
      The most note-worthy event in the Tennessee Legend was the supposed visit by President-to-be, Andrew Jackson.  Considering Jackson's tempestuous history, this incident, without any doubts, would have been documented.  Again, the total lack any mention by the media or inclusion in his personal diaries is proof-positive that Ingram took dramatic liberties at exaggerating the truth.



      We have received many e-mail letters in response to our brief examination of the Bell Witch Legend.  Virtually, all supported our theories about this phenomenon.  We appreciated the comments (and help to correct a few typo's).  We thought of putting them on this page, put since we never asked the writer's permission before they sent their messages, we can't post them.
       We have also received a copy of the TV episode showing our brief appearance on the Mystery Hunters on Discovery Kids.  They did a nice job.  Watch your TV.  Mystery Hunters is on Cable and Satellite.
      We have not been back to Adams since the TV shoot and have nothing further planned.  As far as we are concerned, the Bell Witch Legend is a grand old story kept alive
not by any facts but by people who want to believe.  Not much more is to be found in a myth that has been retold and reexamined for over a century.
      Something, out of the ordinary for that time and place, most likely happened to the Bell Family.  Reports of it have been exaggerated beyond reality. Nobody in all his/her searching has been able to validate anything of the paranormal nature regarding this tale.

      Most of the researchers with whom we have communicated have abandoned the Bell Witch Legend nearly a decade ago about 2008.  We have done the same.  We have moved the content of our original LOGS twice to different websites.  This move to the FREE Google Blogger should be the last.